VPS Cloud

Thanks to modern and high quality hardware, such as AMD Ryzen™ and Intel® Core™ I7, as well as Intel® Xeon® processors with up to 4 GHz and more, fast DDR4 ECC RAM with up to 3200 MHz and fast Datacenter SSD hard drives, we can offer you the most powerful servers worldwide in a cloud.

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Benefit from 3 server locations in a cloud.



New York




VPS Cloud

from €4.62

per month

  • from 4 vCores @ 3.5 - 4 GHz+

  • from 1 GB RAM

  • from 25 GB SSD

  • from 2 IPv4 addresses

  • maximum 8 vCores per VPS

  • Kernel based Server (KVM)

  • Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and more

  • Windows Server 2016-2022

  • unlimited traffic

  • 1 Gbps connection per VPS

  • Unesty Prewall + Unesty PYRUS DDoS Protection

  • optimized for game servers

  • VPS in Germany, USA & UK

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What is the VPS Cloud?

  • Order server hardware, such as CPU cores, RAM and SSD storage easy and uncomplicated and use it to create your own virtual private servers.

  • You can edit or delete your created servers at any time and create new servers with the released resources.

  • Create servers in all available cloud locations at any time, as long as we have enough hardware available in the desired location.

  • Ideal for projects that require multiple locations and where flexibility is very important.

  • Install operating systems with just a few clicks






    The best features in a Cloud

    3.5 - 4 GHz+ CPU

    Thanks to our powerful AMD Ryzen™ and Intel® Core™ I7, as well as Intel® Xeon® processors, we can offer you the most powerful virtual private servers worldwide in a cloud. With each VPS you get a CPU clock of at least 3.5 GHz and more. Ideal for large projects that require performance!

    Fast ECC RAM

    We exclusively use fast DDR3 and DDR4 ECC RAM with up to 3200 MHz in all our hosting systems. So you benefit from very low latencies and get the maximum power that a VPS can have.

    SSD Storage

    We exclusively equip our VPS host systems with fast Datacenter SSDs, so you benefit from fast data transfer rates with your own VPS.

    99.8% Availability

    We offer you a very high availability of our products, so that a chance of a failure of your product is very low.

    Data Security

    Thanks to our intelligent data storage your data is stored encrypted and saved several times via a RAID on our systems. This is how we guarantee you the highest level of data security and reliability.

    Easy to administrate

    With the simple management of the web interfaces for our VPS, such as Virtualizor, you can set up your product professionally in just a few minutes.

    Unlimited Traffic

    We offer unlimited traffic at all locations worldwide, so that you do not incur any extra costs for projects that require a lot of traffic and you can continue working undisturbed.

    Gbps Connection

    Our host systems are connected with up to 10 Gbps, so that you can transfer data from you to other clients or servers quickly and easily.

    High Level DDoS Protection

    At all locations worldwide we equip our servers with strong DDoS protections so that your servers are protected at all times and there are no downtimes caused by attacks. With our servers you benefit from top premium protection, such as Unesty PYRUS, Corero and DataCamp Limited.

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