Colocation for your servers in Frankfurt am Main.

Rack Space

from €14.99

per month

  • from 1 U to 42 U Rack Space per Rack

  • 1 TB Traffic incl.

  • per TB or Mbps billing possible

  • redundant UPS incl.

  • redundant power supply possible

  • €0.29 per kWh or electricity flat rate

  • IPv4 address incl.

  • /64 IPv6 subnet incl.

  • 1 Gbps dedicated connection incl.

  • Unesty Prewall + Unesty PYRUS DDoS Protection

  • Rental service for switches possible

  • one BGP session free of charge incl.

  • 100% Green Energy

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The best features for a Colocation

High Level DDoS Protection

Thanks to our strong DDoS protection with a filter volume of up to 1 Tbps via the Unesty Prewall and Unesty PYRUS, your servers are protected at all times so that there are no downtimes caused by attacks. With us, you benefit from a top-premium DDoS protection solution, where you can also view statistics and create your own filter rules, and this is included free of charge.

Connection & Traffic

Thanks to dedicated fiber optic connections to our ISP and proximity to DE-CIX in Frankfurt am Main, we can offer you the best connection at favorable conditions. We can easily provide you with a dedicated connection from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps.

Service & Support

We are always available for you and will take care of your concerns. We plan together with you, expand the required infrastructure for your company or project and implement it in record time. We will follow up on your concerns as quickly as possible and ensure that your server infrastructure is as effective as possible.

100% Green Energy

We operate our servers in Germany exclusively with 100% green electricity and cool them worldwide with an efficient cooling system, so that electricity costs can be reduced and to take care of the environment.

Intelligent Cooling

With intelligent cooling of the server rooms, your servers can work optimally, performantly and economically. Your servers are sufficiently cooled so that the CPU and other components do not get too hot and your servers work more effectively. This saves you electricity costs and is better for the environment.

Highest Security

All servers worldwide are colocated in datacenters, which are video-monitored 24/7 and can only be accessed using special transponders or fingerprints.

99% Availability

Thanks to redundant core routers, power connections, as well as UPS and peering to multiple carriers via our ISP, we can offer you high availability of our infrastructure for your servers. So you can decide whether a redundant internet connection and power connection is essential for you or not. The implementation of your wish is possible for us without any problems.


We monitor our infrastructure at any time and can therefore immediately detect anomalies in our system and intervene as quickly as possible. We also monitor the uptime of all servers so that we can inform you immediately if a server is no longer available, if desired. Problems can thus be identified quickly and, if necessary, technicians in the datacenter can be informed.


A Colocation with us will be adjusted according to your wishes, so it is important to us to offer you as many options as possible. With our API interface for your colocation, you can easily make DDoS protection settings, order technicians or read out other desired data, such as the power or traffic consumption of your colocation.

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