DDoS Protection

Multiple DDoS protection in Frankfurt, Germany

In Frankfurt am Main, Germany we use multiple DDoS protections so that we can protect your server against DDoS attacks at any time. A pre-filtering takes place via the Unesty Prewall and DataCamp Limited, this makes it possible to block attacks with a bandwidth of up to 12 Tbps. After that the traffic will get forwarded to our core routers, which secure our network with filter metrics. As the main protection, we rely on our in-house development Unesty PYRUS, which enables our own DDoS protection appliance after our core routers. The traffic from our core routers is routed directly through the PYRUS appliance. The PYRUS appliance analyzes the traffic in real time for attack patterns blocks not legitimate traffic. It is possible for our customers to intervene and create special filters for their servers themselves. The Unesty PYRUS not only supports standard filters against TCP or UDP floods, it also supports filters for game servers or other applications. Thanks to integrated AI, every Internet packet can be examined in real time and a decision is made as to whether it is a valid or not valid packet. Thanks to the multiple DDoS protection, we can assure you that 99.99% of all attacks are mitigated immediately and your services are not downtimed by attacks. We can also offer you redundancy if maintenance is carried out on a protection.

DDoS protection at our other locations

New York, USA

At our New York City location in the USA, we rely on Corero's DDoS protection with GSL as prefilter, which offers us a possible filter bandwidth of up to 1 Tbps. The traffic is permanently filtered via the prefilter and the Corero DDoS protection and attacks of any kind are blocked immediately or in a few seconds. You can find more about this at: https://globalsecurelayer.com/ddos-protection

London, England

At our location in London, we rely on DDoS protection from our datacenter partner iomart. The traffic is constantly monitored so that all attacks of any size can be filtered and only legitimate traffic reaches your server. You can find out more about this at: https://www.iomart.com/security/