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Goodbye Path Network!

It’s time to say goodbye to Path Network. Since June 2023, we have been using Path Network in our network for pre-filtering volume attacks, as well as for customers who requested Path-only filtering. With Path, we were able to significantly improve our network in the first few months. Many filtering problems were resolved by the pre-filtering, and we were able to easily withstand large attacks exceeding 1.6 Tbit/s. Our initial collaboration with Path was very pleasant and professional. We even developed a new dashboard for you, allowing you to set firewall rules or filters directly for your servers with the Path addon. However, it turned out that all that glitters is not gold; it was merely the surface that gradually wore off.

What happened?

The initial problems arose quite quickly; unfortunately, there were sporadic network outages with Path. While such issues can occur at any time regardless of redundancy, we could foresee them to some extent. After the first incidents, we had no major issues until December. In December, there was an increasing number of outages and significant packet losses. We often had to reroute traffic through our other upstream providers to avoid packet loss. This problem persisted until Path was shut down. Unfortunately, communication between Path and us also decreased significantly over the months. In cases where a quick solution was necessary, we had to wait a long time for a response, despite the response time being clearly defined in the SLA. Due to these problems and Path’s failure to meet the SLA, we requested compensation several times, as we naturally compensated you as well. Path provided compensation once in December, but subsequent compensation requests were ignored. At the beginning of the new year, Path changed its approach towards us, becoming less professional and more casual, failing to take our concerns seriously. Moreover, when asked about issues and actions taken to resolve them, only vague descriptions were provided, offering no real answers to our questions. Due to such incidents and Path’s publicly known financial troubles, we decided several weeks ago to remove Path from our network in the coming months and build a new solution. Fortunately, we have already begun implementing transitional solutions to be prepared. However, we did not expect Path to disappear from our network so suddenly; we anticipated its removal within the next 2 to 3 months.

What was the decisive factor?

We were directly connected to Path Network via the DE-CIX in Frankfurt since a GRE solution was not suitable for us. Unfortunately, Path ceased to be a DE-CIX member as of March 13, 2024. Path was shut down at the DE-CIX locations in Frankfurt, Dallas, Phoenix, and New York at 11:46 AM German time. We inquired with Path if any issues were known, as our BGP sessions were no longer possible, and there was no clear fault indication on the status page. Path responded that there were technical issues at the DE-CIX and immediately offered to create a GRE tunnel since the problem was expected to persist. We declined this offer as it was not a permanent solution for us and would incur additional costs, which Path historically did not compensate. We also requested more details, but there was no response for several hours. Path later informed us that there were negotiations between DE-CIX and Path due to what Path claimed were excessively high costs. When we asked why the DE-CIX uplink was down in this case, there was no response. Later that day, we learned through the DE-CIX member portal that Path was no longer listed as a member at the mentioned locations. We asked Path for a statement regarding this but did not receive a response. It became clear to us that Path had not been truthful with us before. The next day, we had several organizational phone calls and received firsthand information that such incidents do not happen during negotiations at DE-CIX and are observed for a long time before uplinks are shut down. We informed Path of this and asked for a statement again. Path then suggested that we were dissatisfied with a GRE solution and offered immediate termination. With this step, we parted ways with Path Network.

There are now publicly circulating reports that Path Network has outstanding invoices at the DE-CIX. We had suspected this based on our information. With this and previous findings, it was clear to us that we could no longer work with Path Network. We need a reliable and honest partner with whom we can collaborate. This was no longer the case with Path Network, which is why Path has not been present in our network since March 13 and will not return.

What happens now?

Since we have been planning a restructuring of our network regarding DDoS filtering for several weeks, we will continue these plans. Currently, our network is operating with our backup solutions, but we will make further changes as soon as possible to be prepared for the final network expansion. Unfortunately, we do not want to disclose too much information at the moment, but we can assure you that your satisfaction and protection against DDoS attacks remain important to us and will be further enhanced in the future.

All customers who have purchased the Path addon from us will be compensated accordingly, and the addon will be removed from our website. We apologize for the problems and this sudden change and hope for your understanding and support!

Thank you for your trust in us,

Your Unesty Team

written by Collin Schneeweiß Unesty CEO

published on 13th of March 2024

Unesty 2.0 - Our new design and concept

A long time ago we planned to give Unesty a new face. After years of development it is time to open the gates and release the very first beta version! Our old design was long out of date, so we´ve been pursuing this plan for a very long time now. However, this has dragged on and on, because besides the development of the new website, a lot has been happening at our company. Our entire infrastructure has changed, we have grown extremely with you and we have developed a lot in the background in order to be able to offer you a better service in the future. The new Unesty website is constantly being developed and we look forward to presenting the final version to you! Unfortunately, with the first beta version, only the start page will get a new look. The customer center will remain the same for the time being. However, the new customer center is already in its beginnings and has taken shape. You are probably wondering what this will look like? Since we developed our new website completely by ourselves, the new customer center will look exactly the same in terms of design, with a few more extras to be able to offer you all current functions again. Nevertheless, we are trying to improve the new structure of the customer center and make it clearer than ever before, so that it feels more comfortable.

What happens now? What is coming for you?

With Unesty 2.0 our complete website design changes, which you already could see for a long time on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. But not only our website and the customer center will change, we are developing other platforms for you for a long time, which will expand our services with many functions and create many advantages if you own an Unesty product. So the scope of service will be also significantly larger for the same conditions. But something else is about to change as well... As you could already see in the blog title, the word "concept" was mentioned and that is exactly what is about to change. As you know, we see you not only as customers, but as a part of our company, because you are what makes us as a company! For this reason we want to give you something back and will therefore launch our loyalty program with the release of the final Unesty 2.0 website. In the future, all regular customers will be rewarded with Unesty Community Coins. You can exchange these Unesty Community Coins for free Unesty merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, hats and much more! You will automatically receive Unesty Community Coins as soon as you have been our customer for at least 1 year and own active products. These will increase, for example, if you order more products or extend existing products. We will tell you how many Unesty Community Coins you will receive at the beginning of the program. Be curious about the Unesty loyalty program and free merchandise!

Our last words

We hope you are looking forward to our new section and the upcoming time. It´s finally time to launch a new design and also to offer merchandise. We also want to get closer to you with the new design and become more transparent. You can see our entire team on our new website, and you can also learn more about our technology, data centers and the DDoS protections at the respective locations. So what are we waiting for? Here we go! Welcome Unesty 2.0!

We look forward to seeing you

Your Unesty Team

written by Collin Schneeweiß Unesty CEO

published on 11th of September 2022